Best 10 Neurosurgery Hospital In Bangalore

Best 10 Neurosurgery Hospital In Bangalore

The brain and Spine are very important organs and if there are any ailments related to these organs, treating them is of utmost important. So, if you are facing some Neurosurgical problems; It is best to look for a Neurosurgery hospital or a Neurosurgeon in Bangalore who are best in the said field. While the skills and experience of a Neurosurgeon are important so are the availability of the latest high-end facilities that enable performing the diagnosis treatment. But then you may wonder, which is the best Neurosurgery hospital you can approach? Well, here’s our list of the top 10 Neurosurgery Hospitals in Bangalore that have highly skilled in-house Neurosurgeons/ orthopedics, and can provide state-of-the-art facilities.

Best 10 Neurosurgery Hospital in Bangalore:

1) Fortis Hospital, Nagarbhavi: Fortis Hospital in Nagarbhavi belongs to the Fortis Healthcare Ltd. chain. This is a 70 bedded tertiary care center. This NABH i.e. the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers accredited state-of-art IPD. They have good coordination between neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons to provide the best treatment for spinal disorders and brain cancer. Also, there are rehabilitation & physiotherapy facilities and diagnostic facilities such as ECT, EEG, NCV studies, ultrasound, etc. Outpatient consultation for neurological disorders is provided too.

2) Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road: Fortis The Cunningham Road medical facility of Fortis Hospital is a 150 bedded hospital. Having received NABH Safe certificate, this hospital has MICU, SICU, and CCU, etc. ICU beds that are 34 in number. They have high-end imaging technology facilities for diagnosis, provide treatments for congenital and acquired brain anomalies, and manage treatments for head trauma, etc. neurological ailments.

3) Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road: This hospital branch of Fortis was established back in 2006. Patient-oriented treatment, high-quality medical standards, talented medical personnel, and technological intelligence are all the plus points of this Hospital. It has neurological specialists who give stress on the medications & therapy and mobility of patients more than surgical treatment. And hence they provide treatments for neuromuscular emergencies, epileptic seizures, chronic neck and back pains, etc. For this, there is regular conduction of Video EEG, electromyography, etc. for diagnosing neurological problems. Also, they have facilities including ambulatory facilities, critical care facilities, blood banks, etc. for any neurological emergencies.

4) Manipal Northside Hospital, Malleshwaram: Manipal Hospital chains are well famous and have a total of 15 hospitals all over southern India. This is an 83 beds Neurosurgery Hospital in Bangalore. They have on-board, various highly experienced neurology specialists. Supporting the specialists is all the advanced treatment infrastructure, high-end diagnostic facilities, and a neurological emergency treatment unit too. This facilitates the treatment of conditions such as vertigo, seizures, migraine, stroke, dementia, movement disease, etc.

5) Manipal Hospital, HAL Airport Road: Accredited by NABH, the HAL Airport Road Hospital is the flagship facility of Manipal Hospital groups. The hospital has a separate department of Neurosciences that was established in 1991. The successful neurological procedures conducted here account for around 7000 per year. This is because they have numerous highly experienced in-house & visiting Neurosurgeon consultants. Also, there is high-end diagnostic & investigative machinery and operation theatres aide, which all aid in carrying out complex neurosurgeries.

6) Manipal Hospital, Whitefield: Manipal Hospital, Whitefield is a 280 bedded medical facility having all the latest high-end infrastructure, diagnostic facilities including CT scan, MRI, EEG, CBCT, NCV Studies, Sleep studies, etc. They have highly equipped Intensive Care Units and round-the-clock staff for medical emergencies. They have an interdisciplinary and holistic approach to treat any neurological problem and focus on the therapeutic, preventive, and rehabilitation aspects of neurological treatment. Thus, they effectively diagnose and treat epileptic attacks, headaches, chronic backaches, and other brain and spine disorders.

7) Columbia Asia, Whitefield: The Columbia Asia Hospital in Whitefield is a medical facility that provides neurosurgery, dental surgery, cardiology, ENT, etc. They provide comprehensive diagnostic, management and treatment care for neurological disorders. They undertake treatment of neurological problems in infants and children too. Skull based injuries treatment, brain tumor, cerebrospinal fluid leakage treatment, and endoscopic & laparoscopic neurosurgery treatments are also imparted.

8) Columbia Asia, Hebbal: The Columbia Asia Hospital in Hebbal is a NABH accredited hospital. This is a multi-specialty hospital that is similar in structure to the Bangalore International airport and has 90 beds. Thir neurology department is well endowed with superior medical personnel who are in the technical know-how and thus can easily handle neurological and neuromuscular emergencies. They have state-of-the-art imaging & diagnostic facilities for prognosis and high dependency Intensive Care facilities for handling neurological emergencies. They also have superior technology facilities for the treatment of movement disorders, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

9) Aster CMI, Hebbal: Hebbal based Aster CMI belongs to UAE originating the Aster DM healthcare chains. This 500 bedded multi-disciplinary hospital was founded in 2016 and boasts to have one of the few hospitals having Hybrid Cath Lab & 3-Tesla MRI scan. Also, it introduced ORI Fusion Digital Integrated Operation Theaters in Bangalore for 1st time. They have a Neurotrauma Unit for neurological emergencies, a neuro catheterization lab, stereotactic biopsy diagnostic testing, etc.; and various facilities for treating and managing neurosurgical injuries.

10) Apollo Hospital, Jayanagar: Belonging to the Apollo Hospital chain, this facility in Jayanagar is a multi-specialty high-ranking hospital. They have some neurology and neurosurgery surgeons with international practice experience who work round-the-clock and provide treatment through a multidisciplinary treatment approach. They have a high-end electrophysiology lab and highly equipped machinery for video EEG, monitoring, etc. diagnostic tests and a Critical Care Unit to aid them. Thus, they can provide intensive care facilities for ailments like Parkinson’s disease, movement disorders, tremors, seizures, dystonia, dementia, etc.

This was our list of the best Neurosurgery Hospitals housing some of the best Neurosurgeon consultants in Bangalore. If you are on the lookout for great neurosurgical facility centers and consultations in Bangalore, you can absolutely explore these. Or else, you could always visit Doctor Click Away and get an online consultation appointment with few clicks.