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Our division of HealthCare is here with a view to broaden the reach of its Online Second Medical Opinions. Our second opinion services include the collection of medical records and radiology and pathology test results. Some new offerings of the second opinion service that gives patients and physicians online remote access to specialists at worldwide hospitals that are affiliated with the partners.

A recent review of online medical second opinion consults at Doctor Click Away found that in 90 percent of the medical cases reviewed, our second opinion consultants recommended a complete change in the treatment plan. The recommended plan was much more viable, cost effective and ensured quick recovery of the patient. Also, in 5 percent of cases that were reviewed by our partner medical professionals, the specialist consulted online recommended an entirely new diagnosis rather than going for surgery and all of them got better than before and have got well just by the medicines and other preventive measures.

The point of keeping this research study results in front of you is that it is very important to get a second medical opinion as it can not only save money but offer you an easier way to cure your disease or get your pain away. That is why we are here to bridge the gap between the patients and the specialists from different corners of the world.

Our Physicians

Our physicians that are connected with us are not just from India but from many other countries. They all work in top reputed hospitals and are specialized in some or the other field. So you can get access to over 300 highly skilled physicians that are specially handpicked by our expert panel of seasoned medical professionals and get your medical second opinion.

What We Do

Doctor Click Away aims to help patients and individuals navigate the complexities of the healthcare system. Our clinical teams of personal health advocates include well trained nurses and medical directors. Our team as a whole offers confidential support to the patients seeking second opinions helping collect and submit medical records for expert physician review. Improving health outcomes by empowering patients through informed medical decisions is what we do. We streamline the whole process of obtaining a medical second opinion by connecting the patients, veterans or employers with the independent expert physicians. Our innovative technology platform helps us a lot in this and synthesizes medical data into a convenient report. This efficiently delivers it to physicians and then we can get authentic and genuine recommendation reports by the doctor.

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Through the collaborations, patients around the world are now getting second opinions more than ever before. Our health care's offering can get access to physicians and services and if you are a medical expert who is looking forward to partner with a top medical healthcare firm, get in touch with us today. The process is very simple and all you need to do is fill the "second opinion become a partner form". The second opinion become a partner form will be available on our website or you can even contact the numbers that are provided on our site. We would be more than happy to connect with and add you as one of our family members having a wide connection for the ease of patient medical second opinion service.

If you are interested to be a part of our family and help the patients take a better medical decision, join us today through second opinion become a partner form.

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