Understanding Spine Surgery From Spine Surgeon In Bangalore

Understanding Spine Surgery From Spine Surgeon In Bangalore

What is Spine Surgery?

The spine or backbone comprises small bones called vertebrae that are arranged one on top of the other. The vertebrae entails a hole in the center through which the spinal cord passes. In between the vertebrae, soft masses of tissue that are called intervertebral discs are present. They help protect the vertebrae from damage during any movement. Injuries, infections, age-related changes, tumors as well as other disease conditions like scoliosis or ankylosing spondylitis might cause damage to the spine or the nerve roots that are emerging from the spinal cord. In patients who do not respond to the conservative treatments such as physiotherapy and medications, spinal surgery might be the only option left.


How are spinal surgeries performed?

In spinal surgery, an opening is made through the skin and muscles of the back, front or side of the body in order to reach the spine and rectify the infirmity. In today's time, with the advancement in technology, many of the procedures might have been performed through a small opening with the help of an endoscope or microscope called as minimally invasive spinal surgery (MISS). There is less damage to muscles around the spine, faster recovery and lesser pain are the benefits of MISS. Other newer methods involve artificial disc replacement procedures that completely preserve the mobility of the spine yet confer admirable stability as well.


What to expect after a spinal surgery?

i. The length of a hospital stay after surgery may vary from person to person because it depends on the type of procedure and the need of the individual along with many other factors.

ii. MISS may require a very few days of hospitalization and on the other hand, an open surgery may compel a slightly longer stay at the hospital.

iii. Rest is required immediately after the surgery is performed.

iv. The patient will be on pain medications that will be adjusted as required and small drainage tubes will be present right at the site of surgery which will be removed within two to three days.

v. Discharge from the hospital is normally done when there is an enhancement in pain and overall health of the patient.

vi. Rest is very imperative in the first few weeks after surgery and it is advisable to spend almost half the day in bed and the other half moving around during the time.

vii. Lifting, pushing or pulling heavy weights must be completely avoided and abstain from twisting, stooping or any other strenuous movements.

viii. The surgical wound site should always be kept very clean and dry and the dressing over the wound site also should be changed daily.

ix. Medications should be taken as prescribed by the doctor only.

x. A return visit to the doctor might be required about five to six weeks after surgery.

xi. Physiotherapy may be required in order to help in the healing process and will be prescribed by the doctor when indicated.

xii. The time before which the patient will be able to return to work will totally depend on the type of work, type of surgery as well as overall progress in health.

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Spine disorders can be effectively treated by medications and physiotherapy. However, when all the other treatment options actually fail to restore back normalcy, spine surgery then becomes the only solution for the chronic back-pain or other back-related problems which cause severe immobility as well as reduced quality of life. Spinal surgeries are very specialized procedures that require both skill and advanced technology. The state-of-the-art operations theatres that we provide, advanced ICUs and superior quality equipment such as Neuro monitoring, High resolution Intra operative CT image intensifier, 3 Tesla MRI and many more have made surgeries safer, faster and more efficient.


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