Second Opinion: Making Sure You Are Taking The Right Decision

Second Opinion: Making Sure You Are Taking The Right Decision

When faced with a difficult medical condition or the inability to take the right decision, getting a second medical opinion is the best thing. Be it from a specialist, a surgeon or a physician, you can consult them to understand any alternative treatment options that will be the best to follow in your case. Getting a second opinion basically means that you are consulting with another doctor to confirm your diagnosis. It also means you are looking forward to finding other possible treatment options that will enable you to make a decision. At the same time, getting a second medical opinion should never be delayed because sometimes, cases are sensitive and they demand quick decisions. Hence, the quicker you act, the quicker the treatment process would get started and the sooner you will be on the road to recovery.

Why is it important to take a second opinion?

The main aim of a Second Opinion is to get the best treatment for your specific situation in the least cost. If the second opinion turns out to be the same as your treating physician, it just means that you are in the right hands and that is also great to know. Also, it will offer you confidence and peace of mind that you're going in the right direction. 

Recently in a research report, the data shows that in approximately 23% of the cases worldwide, there is a change of diagnosis when asked for a second opinion. Also, in half of the cases, an altogether different treatment is been advised and that is why, asking for a Second Opinion and making sure that you are on the right track is very essential. Everyone should understand the importance of it and discuss it with their treating physician. Most of the doctors nowadays are open minded about requesting a Second Opinion and they are also interested to learn about how another specialist looks at your situation. So do not worry and go for a second opinion if your gut instincts say so.

When is a second opinion necessary to take?

In cases when the diagnosis reveals a serious or life threatening medical condition of your body.

In cases when seeking alternative treatment options to the already existing options in the patient’s country.

In cases when the patient is considering a treatment option still in the experimental stages and want to explore the best treatment.

In cases when the patient or patient's family feels that before any serious medical treatment, second opinion should be taken first and then proceeded.

Understanding your Second Opinion Rights and Options

Every patient has the right to seek a second opinion as it is about his life. At the same time, it is important to make sure that you are doing it right. This means that it is important that you are seeking it from a medical professional who is specialized in the diagnosis, treatment as well as outcomes of your kind of medical condition.

Taking the initiative of getting a second opinion and making decisions with reference to your healthcare is very important to you so be wise and do not blindly follow any doctor.

When faced with a diagnosis of a medical condition that is serious or life threatening, it is always wise to seek a second opinion and weigh all the treatment options. Do not hurriedly say yes to any operation or surgery just by getting diagnosis from one doctor.

Make your decisions based on gaining complete in and out knowledge on your diagnosis, treatment options as well as prognosis.

What if the opinions differ?

There is a possibility that the opinion could differ from one doctor to the another. The difference of opinion might be with reference to treatment process, medicines, diagnosis, surgery options available or the outcomes. The opinions generated are based on factors that we have mentioned below:

The type of advanced technology available and the best technology to use in one's case considering the budget as well.

The Doctor’s school of thought and where they were trained or the city they are operating.

Methods of treatment together with an experience of treating the critical conditions such as yours.

In case the two opinions are differing from one another because of any of the above mentioned points, it makes complete sense to get a third opinion. If this option is not viable for you, you will then yourself have to prioritize things. You will have to decide which doctor you trust more, which doctor has more success rate, which treatment is in your budget, etc.

Biggest Advantage of Second Opinion

If a second opinion is similar to that of the first one, this helps build more confidence in patient and the patient's family. This is 100% effective especially if you have been diagnosed with a serious or life threatening illness. Understanding your medical problem completely and then taking decisions based on the situation that time, enables you to deal with your condition wisely. It would also help you work with your healthcare providers in order to get the best outcomes possible. Hence, Doctor Click Away genuinely advises you to take a second opinion before taking any huge step related to your health. In case you need any help to connect with second opinion consultants and specialists, Doctor Click Away is just a message or call away.